What is the best time to post on Instagram and grow your audience

What Is The Best Time to Post on Instagram

To get the most out of your social media strategy, you need to know ‘what is the best time to post on Instagram’. Just because you’re publishing engaging content doesn’t mean you’ll get good results anytime. Time is the most important factor to consider when it comes to posting on Instagram. In early 2018 Instagram made few changes in its algorithm to make timeliness an essential factor for posts to rank. Now to beat this updated algorithm you need to know your audiences. In this way, you might be able to optimize your posting time for when most of your followers are actively scrolling the app.

In this article, you’ll learn the best time to post on Instagram and strategies that’ll help personal accounts, companies, and organizations to engage more followers.

The Best Time to Post on Instagram

You might be wondering to know the exact timeline for your posts on Instagram. Unfortunately, there’s no perfect time, because the ranking of your post on Instagram depends upon different factors. You’ll need to know your audience, the time zone, and obviously your business to get the most out of your Instagram account.

  • Know Your Audience:

The best time to post on Instagram depends entirely on your audience. You need to Figure out their working hours when they’re on their business accounts. For example; If your target audience is educational institutions, posting during traditional work hours would be best when staff members are active. Additionally knowing your audiences help you figure out what content people care about and this might be very useful for your business in the long run. So the more you know your audience, the better you’ll be to serve their needs.


  • Use Time Zones:

You need to find if your audience is in one location. Use the time zone of that specific area to set your Instagram posting times. However, if your audiences are from different regions throughout the world, it becomes less critical to set your posting times. For example; If you’re looking to make an Instagram post at lunchtime, make sure to post it the time when the bulk of your followers are online while having their lunch break.


Best Time to Post on Instagram For Your Industry in 2020

Instagram has more than 1 billion monthly users and according to the research, 83% of users discover products and services, 81% of people use it to research brands while 80% of them use it for purchases.

It’s incredibly crucial to set your posting times based on your industry in 2020 because the perfect time to make an Instagram post varies by account. Let’s take an example of the retail industry. Now in 2020 Instagram is used as a shopping outlet. The best time to post for your retail industry to reach your interested audience is in the morning or evening. People usually begin to scroll their Instagram feed in the morning when they wake up. The best days of the week to post are Monday through Thursday because you’re more likely to get traffic for your industry while posting on these days of the week.


  • How to figure out the best time for your Industry:

To figure out the best time to post on Instagram for your industry, you’ll need to go through a combination of trials and errors. Do not hesitate to take risks, try different types of content to know which one drives more traffic. One of the most profitable tips is to post multiple times a day. It can be extremely helpful no matter what’s the time just post quality content two or maybe three times a day. Note down the time of a single post that got more audience engaged to know the best time to post on Instagram for your industry.


Best Time to Post on Instagram For Technology Companies

There’s no better place than Instagram for Tech companies as the plate form itself is a technological wonder with artificial intelligence capabilities and advertisements. You’re more likely to engage a greater number of followers by posting compelling tech content on Instagram but, again the time is an important factor. If you don’t choose the right time to make an Instagram tech post you’ll lose many visitors.

According to a recent study, the best time to post on Instagram for tech companies is on Monday and Tuesday at 2 pm (Lunchtime). Some experts also suggest posting on Wednesdays from 9 am to 11 am to get more likes. On the other hand, Sunday is considered to be the worst day for technology posts.

  • How to figure out the best time for Technical Companies:

One of the most common ways to figure out the best time to post for tech companies is by using Instagram analytics and third-party apps. These third-party apps refer to apps like Hootsuite and Tailwinds’ Instagram scheduling feature, which might help you show the best times for your tech posting.


Best Time to Post on Instagram for Educational Organizations

It can be really beneficial to purposefully choose the best times to post for educational organizations. This is the main reason most Instagram users invest valuable time to figure out the time when their audiences are active on Instagram.

According to Sprout Social, Friday at 10 am is the most suitable time to find more people active that may be interested in your educational content. Wednesday at 11 am and Saturday at 6 pm are other high engagement periods. However Sunday has the lowest level of engagement, so you need to avoid posting content during this period. These are the times suggested by experts to post for educational organizations but the better way is to figure out different posting times for your own audience.

  • How to figure out the best time for Educational Organizations:

You’ll need to focus on highlighting the people at educational organizations, Have a deep look into their working hours along with a brief introduction of their profile. In this way, you’ll be able to get information about the best time to post as well as the interest of your audience.



How Often Should You Post on Instagram

Just like it’s essential to post on Instagram at the best possible time to beat its algorithm, it’s also very important to know how often you need to post. Basically, there are two things that play an important role in your social media success. Quality and consistency, you need to be consistent in posting quality content on Instagram but make sure you’re not spamming your followers with more than two daily posts.

According to Brian Hughes, “Aim to post every day, but don’t spam your followers with more than two posts per day” So don’t post too often but maintain an active presence on your Instagram account. [Meta description]

  • Check on Analytics:

Instagram analytics might help you learn more about your audience and their engagement. Analytics data let you know if you could post more often post on Instagram as well as the best time of the day when most of your followers are active. By going through your analytics process you can easily adjust your schedule for posting to engage more audiences.


  • Ask your Audience:

The question ‘How often to post on Instagram’ can be best answered by your followers. Ask your audience in different ways to get their views. You can send a survey, ask their opinion in an Instagram post or you can talk with your clients directly. This approach can really increase the chances of your success.



Optimizing Your Instagram Scheduling Strategy:

Learning Instagram scheduling strategy is the most proficient way to increase productivity, save time, and get attached to your audience. Unfortunately, many Instagram users fail when it comes to scheduling posts because finding time to plan, schedule, and optimize content can be very tough for busy brands. However, there are a few simple ways to optimize your posts and get the most out of your Instagram account.

  • Schedule your content ahead of time:

To manage your Instagram account properly you need to schedule Instagram posts in advance. This strategy might give you enough time to plan and schedule compelling content for your followers. Scheduling your post ahead of time also maintains the Instagram aesthetic and your overall look on your profile.


  • Figure out the time when your followers are active:

As mentioned earlier, using Instagram analytics is essential to figure out the best time for posting your content. For example: If you’re aiming to publish one post daily and you notice through Instagram analytics that at 2 pm each day of the week most of your followers are online. That might be the best time to publish your content.


  • Optimize your posts with hashtags:

Adding hashtags can help you get more followers and likes on your Instagram post. This is still an effective strategy to get more eyes on your post in 2020. According to the research, an Instagram post with at least one hashtag averages 12.6% more engagement.

  • Share your content more often:

Most Instagram users create engaging content and share it once right after it’s published, that’s how they lose out on a ton of traffic. Sharing your content more than once increase 3,150% traffic on the day of publishing.


What to Post on Instagram

To grow your influence you need to consistently post high-quality content on Instagram that suits your brand style. It’s not enough to just publish any picture or video. Make sure your content is creative and unique to separate yourself from your competitors. This might restrict your audience from going anywhere else. However, it can’t be that simple, especially with over 800 million active users on Instagram. So what to post on Instagram each day that engage more followers? Here are a few creative ideas for your Instagram feeds.

  • Share a Tutorial:

A tutorial is something that provides value to your audience and that’s why tutorials crush into Instagram. This is an amazing opportunity for brands to provide tips and tricks on almost any topic. For example: if you’re a fitness instructor, you can create a short video teaching your followers how to use dumbbells during a workout.




  • Ask your Audience a question:

Interact with your audience by asking them a question. This creates opportunities to get different ideas from your followers on any topic. Applying this strategy might help you come up with better content in the future. For example: if you work in the pet industry, you might ask, what food is best for a puppy? Answers that you receive from your followers help to formulate a ton of new content.


  • Behind the Scene:

Let your audience know, what goes on behind the scene in your company and help them emotionally invest in your brand. It could be anything such as an employee dancing or singing during work hours. And also don’t forget to add the best hashtags for your industry.


  • Share Before and After Photos:

This is one of the most effective ideas for posting on Instagram because it shows your audience the true impact of your brand or service. People notice how your work benefits the clients and this might become the reason for the engagement of more customers.


How to Increase Your Instagram Followers to 1000

If we take a look at the statistics, 30% of the internet users are on Instagram. This app has the highest level of engagement. It seems like you just need to post a picture or video and you’ll get over 1k followers within a week. Unfortunately, it’s isn’t that simple. It takes effort and time to build your following. Here we’ll go over three tips that might help you reach 1000 followers.

  • Customize your Instagram Profile:

You’ll need to optimize your Instagram profile to make it look attractive. Let your followers know who you are, and why they need to follow you. Try a User Name that is easily searchable. Basically, there are two parts, Your Name and your User Name, both of them appear in Instagram search results.


  • Search Your Audience:

Look for different accounts on Instagram and read their profile to figure out if they’re interested in the industry you making posts for. For example: If you own an art tool store, then accounts of artists and designers may fit in your audience criteria.


  • Use Instagram stories and post videos:

Videos and Instagram stories can get 34% more interaction as compare to regular pictures. With 10 seconds of an Instagram story, you can publish a small tutorial for a product or service. For example: If you’re running an electric devices shop you can explain the uses of any device you have in store. Also, use the right hashtags (Relevant to your industry) to get more eyes on your post.

Getting 1000 followers on Instagram may be a slow process. Use above all three tips at the same time and it’ll bring you the results.



Many experts suggest different times that might suit your industry content to post on Instagram but you need to accept the fact that every brand’s audience is different. In order to build an Instagram audience you really need to know them and the best way to know your audience is to figure out the exact time when most of your followers are active. Posting consistently on daily basis gets you good results and gives you an idea of the schedule you want to set for your Instagram posts in the future.

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