The Most Profitable Blog Niches For 2021

A blog is a platform where you write about your passions and a whole bunch of audience gets to read and appreciate your work. When you think of starting a blog, the first thing that hits your mind is what kind of a blog it should be. People usually tend to have many diverse ideas about writing in their blogs. However, if you are serious about making money, you need to select from the profitable blog niches for 2021. The ideas and topics vary like they can be focused on adventure, cooking, health and fitness, creativity, fashion blogs, and many more. You can also take clue from the profitable blog niches 2020.

profitable blog niches 2020
Something to write and inspire

One thing to keep in mind is that whenever you are trying to start a blog, it should be centered around something specific so that it could target a certain audience. People generally commit this mistake, they add 6 posts about one topic (let’s say cooking), 5 (fitness) about the other, and 8 posts (gardening) about something entirely different. This mixture of distinct topics and interests tend to make things difficult, especially when you are trying to earn some money from your blogs. Try to select your theme from the blog niches that make money.

Now, the people who loved the posts about cooking see that you are also posting about fitness, which is somewhat discouraging their area of interest, so they end up leaving your blog. Similarly, people who found the posts about fitness interesting leave because it was not their area of interest. Therefore, it is very important to focus on one area or idea for the blog. This is what’s called having a blog niche.

There can be many blog niches, but first, you should focus on the audience. You can look around and see what problem people are facing and they search to improve it. In this way, blogging and addressing solutions to these problems can help make your blog profitable. So, it is fair to say that popular blog niches are widely influenced by worldwide events, during this pandemic many people switched to indoor activities, explored their DIY skills, and tried to earn online as many private industries suffered huge losses. Some of the most profitable blog niches for 2021 are:

1. Fitness and Health

Health has always been a major concern for hundreds of people on a daily basis. They try to find different fitness exercises and remedies to keep their health in check. It is one of the most searched problems and concerns online. But is also a very tricky subject and requires some kind of expertise in the area for the blogger.

One of the most common things people search for is how they could lose weight and get in shape. You can write about fitness routines, daily workout plans, and a variety of diet plans. It is still a vast area, and you can begin with narrowing down your topic a bit, like fitness routine for a new mom to lose weight, targeted diet plans for young people, and many more. If you love writing on fitness and health, then this can turn into a profitable blog niche for you. This is why we have included it in our blog niche list that can help you to make good online money. Check the popular fitness and health blogs before starting out.



health and lifestyle blog niches
Better health for a better life

2. Relationship and Parenting

Relationships are tough these days no doubt. This is why people mainly look for ways to solve their relationship hurdles so that they could make their partners feel loved and lead a healthy relationship. The relationship blog niche has tons of ideas and areas to explore depending on the age of the audience, the problem being addressed, or it could simply be about how to surprise your partner for valentine’s day or give them the best birthday present ever.

Relationship and parenting blog niche
Keeping each other happy is important

Parenting is a sturdy task. Taking care of a child is quite difficult when you are new at the job. Especially, most newlywed couples looking for ideas and ways to handle and look after their newborn babies due to lack of experience. They search for all kinds of stuff, ranging from the best baby products to ways to keep their baby healthy. You can add many blogs in this area and surely, they will get a lot of audiences. Writing on a high demand blog topics to get a high number of views which would eventually translate into money. For its popularity, we have included it on number 2 in our profitable blog niches for 2021 list.

Parenting blog niche 2021
Raising a child is one of the toughest tasks

3. DIY and Crafting

Crafting and DIY are a great way of spending free time doing something creative. It is one of the vast areas for a blog niche. The topics can vary widely as they can be about sewing, jewelry making, woodworking, home décor, and much more. You should select the area where you have good knowledge and begin writing the tips and tricks for your audience. You could promote tools and equipment from different brands and post advertisements to earn from your blog.

DIY Blog niche
Crafting is bringing your imagination to life

4. Earning Online

Earning money online has become very popular these days. People want to be able to earn independently while staying at home. They look for ways to earn online and how they can monetize their sites. The topics to write can be about how to start a blog or how to get your work monetized or what kind of business is most suitable for earning online and much more. This is a blog niche with good potential and has gained a lot of interest from people worldwide. This was also one of the most profitable blog niches in 2020.

Blog niches that make money
Why waste time when you can make some extra money

5. Food and Recipes

It never gets old or boring to talk about food or reading about food blogs. Food is love. We look for new and unique recipes to try out and add some spices to our lives. It is a significant area of interest for the people. Parents search for creative and healthy recipes to feed their children. It is always a hot topic. You always try to look for new recipes and foods to try. It is an excellent blog niche where you can talk about recipes inspired by different cultures or diets, like South Asian recipes, keto diet food plans, and much more. Food and Recipes can be considered as one of the less competition blog niches.

Food and Recipe Blogging Niche
Healthy food for a wealthy mood

6. Travel

Traveling is a great way to freshen up and take a breath off your tiring daily routine. This is one of the most interesting blog niches of all time. You can post pictures and describe your experiences of visiting new places and meeting new people, give tips to new travelers to get discounts, how to carry light but enough clothes for your travel and much more.

Travel Blog Niche
An escape is necessary to rejoice your soul

7. Fashion Blogs

People always look for things and styles to stay updated. They search for tips to dress well for almost every occasion, be It starting a new job at a corporate office, attending a summer wedding, going to an evening date, and many more different events and places where they want to stand out and appear well dressed. It is not only limited to clothes, it can be about different haircuts, shoes, and makeup. The variety and potential topic choices are endless. It is quite a profitable blog niche among people of all ages. Lifestyle blogs go hand in hand with fashion blog. But is lifestyle blog niche profitable? Well it depends on how you proceed with it. Mix it up with Fashion and you can surely turn it into one of the blog niches that make money.

Fashion Blog Niche
Fashion is an expression of your style

8. Skincare and Self-Hygiene

Taking care of your skin and hygiene is very important. When your skin is radiant and flawless it boosts your confidence. This is one of the most searched topics where you could give tips to your readers about keeping their skin healthy and self-hygiene.

Skincare and Health Niche for Blogging
Filters are great but healthy skin is better

9. Education

Education is important for everyone. It is a great idea to start a blog niche. Students looking for ways to learn always turn to the internet. Any kind of educated person is bound to have some knowledge to share. You can offer online courses, post lectures, share study material, answer different queries, and solve students’ problems. For monetization purposes, you could add advertisements to your blogs. Many motivational speakers have also started to teach online. This means that if you are a motivational speaker, you can start a motivational blog. But are motivational blogs profitable? Well, they sure are. Everyone needs motivation to accomplish personal or professional milestones. If you have the knowledge, you are in for a treat. This can also be one of the less competition blog niches to work on with high demand blog topics.

Education and Academia for Blogging
Education empowers you

10. Technology

Technology is another booming industry. There many new gadgets and new tech we come across daily. It can also be a very lucrative blog niche idea. You can talk about the features of different devices, compare the two devices, and tell which one is the best, and much more. You can add advertisements from different leading tech companies and earn some money. With technology we conclude our list of profitable blog niches for 2021.

Technology for blogging
Technology makes the world a new place

If you have any more niche to add in our profitable blog niches for 2021, feel free to comment below.

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