12 Most Profitable Niches on Amazon for FBA and Ecommerce

Lets dig into some of the most profitable niches on Amazon. Amazon FBA has now become an emerging trend in the Ecommerce industry. Entrepreneurs are using the FBA technique because of almost zero investment and a great horizon for success and dollars. The Ecommerce market has become saturated over time. That is why smart entrepreneurs are moving towards niches, which are still not saturated and also are the profitable Amazon Niche and Amazon FBA Niche.

These niches are the products’ categories where there is no such cut-throat competition as you normally see in the billion-dollar industry. When you offer a product already provided by a multinational giant, you don’t stand a chance before the company. That’s why you should choose one of the most profitable niche on Amazon which still has room for the newbies to make money and grow with ease. We have compiled a list of the most popular niches on Amazon that are also the most profitable amazon niches. For finding the profitable product, check this out.


Profitable Niche #1. Fitness and Weight Loss


Fitness and Weight loss Niche

Fast food, technology and gadgets have made people fatter as compared to a few decades before. This doesn’t mean that technology inventions and discoveries are bad. They are things which have improved our lifestyle and make our lives more comfortable.

This added comfort made most of the people fat and unhealthy. The Ecommerce market has witnessed an increase in Amazon FBA as more people are moving towards a healthy lifestyle.

Fitness and health products are now the most profitable Amazon Niches.

2. Health

Health Niche Amazon

Health and fitness are profitable Niches for Amazon and Amazon FBA; these categories also overlap in the Ecommerce industry. But health is also different from the fitness that it is regarded as a distinct niche in the industry.

There are thousands of different products in this single niche. You can try your luck in food supplements, proteins gluten-free products or books on health.

You can make videos and write blogs on a healthy lifestyle to earn your share form this niche.

3. Seasonal and festive Items

Seasonal and Festive Items like for mother’s day, Valentine’s day, Christmas, etc sell really well but they are seasonal items. If you can plan and budget and send your products timely to the Amazon Warehouses right before the

Back to school items also do well but they are in the seasonal category usually do well in August and September. Make sure you get approved to sell in restricted categories before you sell and first make sure you are approved by listing it out first before ordering the item, because as soon as you list the item you can tell if you are able to sell it or not.


4. Gardening and Environment



You might think that this category might not be famous, as others mentioned in the list. But people are engaging more and more in their gardens and environments. There are thousands of gardening products, from tools to equipment and gadgets.

When you choose the right product in this niche, you don’t have to fight the competition to make money and go up on the success ladder.

5. Wearable tech

Smartwatches are from one of the most famous categories in the Ecommerce industry. These watches are provided by some of the big names in the industry. And you won’t stand a chance against these tech giants. The point here is not to make your sale these watches through Amazon FBA. The real point here is that there are other products and niches in this category.

People are moving toward buying on the go bags with USB charger and Bluetooth speaker. Smart water bottles and smart sportswear are just a few from a wide variety of products.

6. Wealth Building through Investing


Investment Amazon Niche


Though this category is not one of the profitable Niches for Amazon FBA, this category has shown billion dollar funds going through all over the instruments and people involved. This niche is not new in the Ecommerce industry, but there is still room and space for newcomers to try their luck and earn profits.

You can invest money in stocks or some companies which are showing promising records in their books. When you invest money in these two instruments, you get the chance to get maximum out of your dollars without doing anything at all. You make the right decision at the right time.

Bitcoin or cryptocurrency are the hot topics of today in this industry.  You can also open your firm or make websites to teach people how to invest and make easy money without spending and risking anything at all.

7. Jewelry


Jewelry Niche Amazon

It is not the most expensive and profitable Niches for Amazon selling jewelry doesn’t mean diamond or golden ornaments. You don’t need to invest thousands of dollars to buy products to sell them on Amazon FBA, Ecommerce market.

No doubt, jewelry has been considered one of the profitable Niches for Amazon. The wise thing to do is going for the products that came from a particular culture and becoming part of the beauty accessories. There are bracelets and amulets which once were considered the sign and representation of a particular tribe or clan. These things have now become an integral part of the jewelry for teenagers and grownups.

When you choose this niche, try going for these products which are not easily available in the market. Always keep a keen eye on changing trends and fads in the industry regarding these products.

8. Beauty Treatments



Mascara, base and sunscreen are not the most anticipated beauty products. People are considering the anti-aging products and other wrinkles and skin tighten products as profitable Niches for Amazon. More and more people are using Amazon FBA to earn profits in the Ecommerce market. There are a huge range and a wide variety of products you can choose to offer on Amazon.

But you don’t need to open your store or make FBA arrangements to earn money from these beauty products. There is an increasing trend among the influencer that they are using affiliate marketing in the beauty industry to earn money.

There are products on Amazon which are offered by manufacturer or suppliers. Affiliates endorse these products through their social media accounts or websites. When these products are sold from Amazon through their influence, they receive their cut.

9. Gadgets and Technology

Regardless of age, people from all walks of life are in love with technology and gadgets. Ecommerce stores that are selling phones, computers or other accessories are blooming and proving it one of the most profitable Niches for Amazon. There are many ways to penetrate in this niche through Amazon FBA.

You don’t need to look only for physical products like phones, computers or their accessories. You can also go for affiliate marketing product reviews or tutorials. Only tutorial video making has become a million-dollar portion of this industry. Affiliate marketing and reviews are also profitable portions of this niche.

10. Vegan products

Veganism is getting more and more popular globally. Veganism doesn’t only mean that you stop eating animals. Rather it is a lifestyle where you consume the products which do not include ingredients taken form animals.

Amazon FBA has witnessed an increase in both suppliers and consumers in the Ecommerce stores. The profitable Niches for Amazon have included the products taken from herbs and plants, and these products categories are for a wide range of use. You can see thousands of different products as an example of the promising aspect of this niche.

Related vegan products also include:

  • Vegan cosmetics
  • Vegan clothing
  • Vegan footwear


11. Natural pet care


Pet Care Niche

Millennia’s is the largest generation of pet owners. They have become the people who have a pet in almost every home. They have created many industries because of their spending habits. People are spending more and more, making a prominent place in one of the most profitable Niches for Amazon.

An increasing number of pets has not only increased the demand for vets and healthcare products. There are also has become a scope for new products on the virtual shelves of Ecommerce stores. Most people are moving toward a natural lifestyle, which has led people to invest in natural products for their pets.

Amazon FBA products that could flourish in 2020 include:

  • CBD for pets
  • Organic pet food
  • Homemade pet treats

12. Eco-friendly items


Environment Friendly Items

The whole world is still on the mission to save the mother plant. Some people might say that the good times for this niche have already gone. But when it’s about innovative products or ideas out of the box, people love to buy these products. If you choose the products capable of bringing ease in people’s lives, you can use this product for selling on an Ecommerce store or Amazon FBA.

The proof is provided by Google that this year there is a surge in reusable tissues on Google trends. This category is one of the profitable Niches for Amazon.

Other eco-friendly product ideas include:

  • Reusable food wraps
  • Reusable makeup wipes
  • Reusable feminine products


Wrapping up:

Amazon FBA is still growing in the Ecommerce market. People are trying to hunt for the products widely sold on amazon and try to sell these products. But the smart entrepreneur will always look for profitable Niches for Amazon and would stand apart from the stereotype thinking. Only this way, you can earn profits in a highly saturated markets and niches

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