Everything You Need to Know to be an Amazon Affiliate

Amazon is one of the top self-employment business platforms

Amazon is one of the world’s most important retailers. In fact, it accounts for almost 40% of all online sales in the US alone. And anybody can access any of the profits of the retail giant — all you need is a website or a network profile (social) & register with the Amazon affiliate program.

The affiliate program of Amazon, also known as the Amazon Associates, allows people to monetize their social network accounts, online blogs, and their websites. Users who are part of amazon affiliate program have to put the amazon’s products links on their websites, and easy commission is paid to them every time a product is sold using their link. Continue reading to be a better part of amazon affiliate program, and in what way you can participate and explore ways to optimize your rewards in Amazon’s affiliate program.

Affiliate Marketing

Amazon’s affiliate or related marketing services can be arranged where a website merchant, such as: Amazon gives a commission to deliver costumers to them. Membership sites provide a link to connect the costumers to the merchant & payment is made under the agreements of the Program. If we have a look on Amazon’s affiliate program, when costumers are delivered by the affiliates depending on the number of people, who buy on site within 24 hours, a commission is paid to the affiliates under Amazon’s Affiliate Program.

For both the broker and the participating participants there are several advantages of affiliate marketing. The trader has the chance to expand its scope and profits by cost-effective marketing. Owing to the success of affiliate marketing, brokers are charged with some amount according to the selected activity they desire, member are also told  the execution of conversion methods, in order to create a trust between each other.

Those who are associates and engaged in programs for marketing partners, they are allowed to compete without setting up or running a store for themselves in e-commerce. It also offers the chance to pay a fee and to create a website, blog, or social network.

Affiliate Marketing are of Three Types:

Payment on Each Sale:

In this program, when an affiliate sends a customer making a transaction, the dealer pays an affiliate. Some dealers pay a flat fee per sale to their affiliate, while others pay a cut on each purchase by the costumer; Amazon is a great example of it.

Payment on Each Click:

The affiliate will be billed under this agreement, regardless of amount of purchases done by the users after visiting the website of retailer through affiliate links, the affiliate is bound to pay the commission.

Payment on Each Lead:

Under this program, rewards are given to the associates keeping an eye on the number of visitors who join or complete the necessary details on the web of the merchant.

This is how the Affiliate Program of Amazon works

Amazon Associate is simply a referral to the retailer’s website with a reference and you get a handsome commission. But if you send a client with a web connection to Amazon, you are given a share of percentage on each purchase made by the costumer within 24 hours.

The kinds of different products purchased by the buyer also affect the commission rates. See the table below for the set regular rate for Amazon’s program fees for different product types.

It must be borne in mind that not the only factor in your commission is the amount of revenue you earn. Your success rate is also significant because it shows how many people really click on an affiliate connection and buy from your website.

Rate of Conversion:

The rate of conversion for you basically depends upon traffic of your website visiting the retailer’s website using your affiliate connection out of total traffic. For e.g., if 5,000 visitors, and 10 of those visitors click on your referral link to the affiliate during the month of August this will be a 0.2 percent conversion rate.

The overall rate of conversion of associates is from half percent (0.5%) up to one percent (1%). But few of them have conversion rates a bit higher on daily basis.

Because you receive a share of what a buyer orders through Amazon from a business connection within one day of their arrival, you will have the opportunity to gain additional money from goods you do not directly advertise. For instance, if you purchase a moisturizer you will be given a 10%, but you will also be given an eight percent (8%) of another product bought by the costumer using the link provided on the beauty blog; let’s say a pouch of cat food, because it has a link with Beauty Blog .


To receive a commission on orders through Amazon, consumer is given time of 24 hours to place an order through your referral page on amazon.com. When this 24-hour window is closed – or when a consumer returns to Amazon with a connection from another business, no fees will be given to you on subsequent purchases.

However, the time extends again to a new 24 hours, users whenever come back to amazon using one of your referral links, then you are still allowed to collect payments for a customer’s order.

When a buyer comes to Amazon from one of its partner links, fills in an item in his buying cart and leaves Amazon without order completion, you can still receive a percentage. If the order is ordered prior to expiry of the shopping cart (usually 90 days) the postage charge will be charged to you if the item has been attached to the shopping cart within 24-hour windows.

Rules of Amazon Affiliate Program

Although the procedure is simple by itself, you must satisfy a variety of criteria and guidelines to become an Amazon Affiliate.

  1. Associates need to announce on their website that they can potentially earn from the links recommended throughout the site.
  2. Don’t make any false or deceptive claims when making recommendations.
  3. Since the prices fluctuate on Amazon, it is better to avoid mentioning any prices directly. There can be some exceptions to this rule.
  4. Amazon affiliate links cannot be used in eBooks, emails, or in any other offline promotions.
  5. The Affiliate links should not be shortened or hampered with.

Amazon Affiliate Program is it a right choice for you? 

Before applying for Amazon Associates there is much to remember. If you own a website that includes proper content to which you can add links, it has proved to be a simple and efficient way to start making money in long terms.

The process of launching a site with review and product related content can be time consuming, if you create a Website from scratch in order to make it profitable through links provided by Amazon affiliate. I t is also possible, within a limited time to create an affiliate-based niche site that optimizes its affiliate links.

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