Clickfunnels vs Groovefunnels

Clickfunnels vs Groovefunnels

Click funnels was the market leader in marketing funnel creation, but it now has some serious competition to face in the form of groove funnels.

Both groove and click funnels are software platforms that help enable you to build various marketing funnel tools and also help you to integrate them into your website. These funnels help automate your business into a website, and they also help give you support for via live chat or phone assistance. There are also vast user communities that will help you out when you are in a fix or have a query related to something.

ClickFunnels Vs GrooveFunnels
ClickFunnels Vs GrooveFunnels

Using both these assets, you can make various useful things for your business like a landing page, display pages, and you get access to tools like affiliate management, email marketing, shopping cart, and many more. The best thing about using these platforms is that you don’t have to spend large amounts of money on hiring developers, and you also get real-time support for all your queries.

This article aims to go through both these funnels to figure out which one is better, and I’m going to be breaking down each platform for you.


Click Funnels


Click Funnel is a platform that is primarily a sales funnel builder, and it is also well known to be the number 1 sales funnel in the world. The company has been working hard on making perfect sales funnels since 2015, and this is truly a department in which click funnel excels.


Groove Funnels


Groove Funnels is a relatively new entrant in the market, and it launched its beta in August 2019. Their official launch was somewhere near July 2020. The platform is more than a sales funnel software and offers its users with a lot more features like a free subscription to groove pages, groove sell, and groove affiliate. This means that you end up getting all of Click Funnels core features for free and also for life.


Clickfunnels vs Groovefunnels: Simplicity


Click funnels offers you much versatility in its sales funnels where you can create high converting sale funnels with a lot of additional features like cross-selling, upsell pages, and many more things. You don’t need to know any coding or web designing for creating anything because everything is created in a drag and drop fashion. Much like click funnel, groove funnel is also a simple interface, and you don’t need to be a developer or have any specific coding skills to be using the platform. The process is straightforward, so you can get started in no time.


Clickfunnels vs Groovefunnels : Ready-Made Templates


Click Funnel recommends funnel templates that have already been split tested  so there is no need for you to make your webpage from scratch. A process that will no doubt require a lot of time and resources on your part. Groove funnel also provides its users with templates that are fully customizable and hence adjustable for your specific business needs.


Clickfunnels vs Groovefunnels: Affiliate Plans


Affiliate programs are a great way through which businesses acquire customers, and both these funnels provide their users with affiliate management software. In Groove Funnels, you get the entire affiliate management software for free without any limitations.

With Click funnels, you will need to upgrade to the $297 per month plan to be able to use their affiliate management software. Groove funnels use its platform for handling all affiliates while click funnels use a third-party platform for managing and controlling their affiliates.


Clickfunnels vs Groovefunnels:Pricing


Click Funnels offers its users two plans, one which is the standard plan and the other, which is the platinum plan, both plans having similar features. With the standard account, you get access to 20,000 visitors per month, and the platinum plan offers you an unlimited number of customers, unlimited funnels, unlimited page leads, and a lot of other perks like FunnelFix, nine custom domain integrations, and daily virtual hackathons. The platinum plan has much better features in comparison to the standard program which offers access upto 20 funnels, which means that you can have upto a 100 pages on your funnels, and three custom domains to integrate.

Compared to Click Funnels, groove funnels pricing is unbeatable, and if you hop aboard their lifetime plan, then you can become a groove member for life and avail their services at an incredibly low one time cost for the rest of your life. The incredibly low cost has already caused thousands of click funnel users to convert themselves to the groove.

Once the lifetime deal expires, groove funnel will have a silver plan at $99 per month, a gold plan at $199 per month, and a platinum plan for $299 per month. Groove funnel also plans to roll out features like the groove desk, groove calendar, and the groove blog, to name a few. With groove, you also get a chance to earn 20% commission on the standard packages for converting anyone to groove and for also letting groove funnels do some light branding.


Clickfunnels vs Groovefunnels : Learning Curve


While the platform has been designed to be super simple and straightforward, it does take a significant amount of practice and a certain amount of trials and errors before you can master the skill.

Click Funnels has a giant community behind it, which means that there are multiple online courses, youtube videos explaining almost everything. A large number of online resources available can be extremely beneficial for someone trying to figure out their way through the platform. Click Funnel has built itself on creating information-based products like books and online training courses.




Groove Funnels, on the other hand, hosts weekly live training in the groove funnels academy that you gain access to as soon as you create your groove pages account for absolutely free! But the program is still in beta, so it might take some time for Youtube tutorials to start showing up on the platform.


In summary, both these platforms are great, but groove funnels do provide its users with many more features at an unbeatable price, which is why many people have converted. It, however, might take you some time to get used to the platform if you are entering the digital marketing dimension.

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