7 Amazon research tactics you need in 2021

Finding winning Amazon products is a matter of research. So, make sure you are doing it right and you know exactly where you should conduct your research!

 1. Amazon Lists:

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Amazon itself is, predictably, the first location you can go to for your research. In fact, the Amazon Bestseller list, which contains not only ‘bestsellers’ but also ‘movers and shakers’,’ most wanted’ and ‘gift ideas’ sections. These will give insightful perspectives into the form of items for your inventory that you can consider.

Head over and launch your research on the Amazon Bestsellers list.


When it comes to your Amazon product research, all the tabs you see around the top of the page are super helpful to you:

To see the top 100 bestselling items in each genre, use Bestsellers. Digging deep into the sub-categories is the trick here. So, in the top-level category, don’t look at the number one vendor and pick it as the product you are going to the source and distribute.

More likely I would recommend focusing on a subcategory and looking at the top 100 there instead. Although still popular, there will be less competition and you will be focusing on your ideal product. To find a similar but better version of a product, research it more deeply.

Discover what products are selling well right now and what’s about to be released using Hot New Releases.


Just as you would do with the best sellers, you should focus your research on the products that are similar to the products that are just released. If you do your research quickly enough, you may even source a popular product before its release and cash in immediately.

Movers and Shakers

Using movers and shakers you will be able to detect which items have been more popular or less popular over the past 24 hours. This is a perfect strategy when you hear about a product and want to track it and apply it to the stock for a time before sourcing. Watching for too long, however, could lead to missing the perfect opportunity.

Amazon Movers and Shakers: Trending Amazon Products

View the products most frequently added to gift lists or ordered as gifts by clicking on the Most Wished For and Most Gifted tabs at the top. The advantage here is that you can see the styles of trendy goods, offering suggestions for potential niche research rather than general product research.

2. Be in close contact with your supplier

One of the simplest and inexpensive product analysis strategies, when you market a product on Amazon and have a partnership with a supplier, is to actually chat to your supplier to maximize the unofficial low downs for their best-selling goods and hottest product trends.

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The more items you buy from one source, the lower your unit cost can be! You can still be fingering on the pulses and you will give you knowledge inside them. You will potentially get fantastic discounts and new goods concurrently by communicating with the provider.

3. Keep an eye on your rivals

Identifying products that are already successful with PPC is yet another excellent Amazon product research technique.

Amazon vendors are completely likely to invest money on campaigns like this because most certainly they are getting profit out of it, otherwise, they will not spend money on these projects. The word ‘sponsored’ means a product was paid to advertise on Amazon.

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4. Utilize Google Trends

Google Trends is one of the best tools you can use for Amazon product research. You can start off using this tool by setting up alerts so you receive notifications as soon as topics become popular or trending.

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The benefit is that although you are not specifically advised about “products” as such, you will recognize specific issues or stories associated with your business and product needs as a salesman. This helps you to discover future Amazon goods.

You can also use Google Trends to do the research. Simply select the UK, browse for a product, select a web search, and display results for all associated products. The search results that you see returned are helpful to give you suggestions for more analysis using the earlier example of ‘dog lead.’

5.    Investigate the sections labeled ‘Customers Also Bought’ and ‘Frequently Bought Together’

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Now moving back to Amazon and a strong Amazon analysis strategy is to look at the pages below the key lists that provide you with insights into the products.

A basic idea of the niche and item you are looking for will be required, but this strategy will not only allow you to grasp the thinking and the purchase process of your potential buyers but will also give you the chance to study and develop a new product group.

Items that are mostly sold together on Amazon can be mixed into a great, best-selling package. Items you see often purchased by consumers are likely to be highly common and can be more discussed by themselves and included or sold as a ‘bundle’ by themselves.


6. Look at the Trending Listings on eBay

E-bay can be a mine of knowledge when it comes to your product research even if you want to sell on Amazon. If there’s an item on eBay that is popular, it’s also likely perfect for Amazon!

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This is where eBay lists are helpful to study the product. So go to the page where you can screen various types of all trendy product deals.

It does not follow all the requirements of the study but is the perfect spot to detect and sell on-demand goods from Amazon.

7. Check out the bestsellers on AliExpress

This is a fantastic tactic to research Amazon products, yet it is often overlooked! Use AliExpress not only for product sourcing but for your research as well. It is the biggest marketplace that you have free access to.

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AliExpress does not have a page dedicated to the best-selling products, but you can still investigate the most popular products by following these steps:

  • Select a category or sub-category, such as pet supplies.
  • Sorting results by ‘orders’ will show the highest sold numbers first.
  • Filter the results to show only items with a 4* rating.

With the added incentive, you can now view all top sale items in your preferred type, with all the ratings at or below 4 stars from former users.


Concluding Remarks

If you still meet the guidelines and remember to ‘niche-down’ your research by using competitor knowledge and patterns to support you, your Amazon Product Research will never be overwhelming.

There is no need to waste time attempting to pick up non-starter items if you can limit your analysis and find a best-selling product using the above thorough readily available Amazon research tactics.

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