What is One Funnels Away Challenge: Review

What is One Funnel Away Challenge?


one funnel away challenge review

One Funnel Away Challenge Review

Wondering what a One Funnel Away challenge is? It is a 30 day challenge or 30 day of Missions/Lessons and if you follow it step by step every day in the training by the experts you will be able to create a Successful Funnel for an info products or a physical product or a course by the end of the challenge First off, it’s $100 which is just a no brainier, this is the best $100  I’ve ever spent in my entire career for a course which offers so much, you get the 30 days of video lessons, the 30 days of coaching calls, you get the 30 day plan, the 30 day summit interviews from millionaires and the one Funnel Away Challenge Box, they’re gonna ship out the OFA box which contains the challenge workbook ship out the mp4 . Also there is an unlimited access to the 30 day interviews where the Click Funnel millionaires show you behind the scenes of how they made their money, what strategies they used.

What if you don’t want to use Click Funnels One Funnels Away Challenge?

That is totally okay. You do not need Click Funnels and if you decide to go with Click Funnels, it has a 14 day free trial and you don’t need it until week three. And so I highly encourage you to still do is even if you have no plans on using ClickFunnels you can still take these concepts and use it with whatever platform you want. Also if you sign up for Free trial and email Customer service they can set up the 19$ per month subscription rather than the 97$ subscription. This way you can one funnel away challenge login to your account.

One funnel away challenge, my review after using the program

I’ve taken this course 2 times already and there are many people who have taken this challenge multiple times and how would i know that people took the challenge multiple times is because there is a Facebook support group to ask questions and to take ideas and suggestions for your product. It is an excellent group to be in to ask questions, get some real ideas about your product creation and  to how to market your product. The 30 day interviews with the two Comma Club members or millionaires gives you so an insight into what successful people are doing differently to be successful. It also gives you different ideas and niches that you can pick.      I finally created my course while completing the One Funnel Away Challenge, which I was putting off from last one year and procrastinating about it. I already knew how to create a course or a product but after taking the challenge I put it into action and pushed myself with the timelines and accountability set in the challenge. I learnt how to do offer hacking, the sales script that I’m supposed to use on Sales Page, how to create an Offer,  how to create the Upsells and how to create a Hook, Story and Offer and much more. In Case you are left behind in the daily missions/lessons that you have to complete, you can always access them in the dashboard and catch up where you left off. Make money with one Funnel Away Challenge affiliate link.

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This One Funnel Away Challenge Weekly breakdown of lessons:
Before the one funnel away challenge free download, here is a Pre-training Week: These are the lessons you will learn in one funnel away challenge starting with The Framework, One Funnel Away.,The Who… Not The How,  Funnel Hacking, the Lady Boss Story and the The Map. Week 1 is about Learning about Offer Sequencing and creating your product, and creating a hook story and offer: Week 2 Planning  your product or offer with hook, story and offer,  Epiphany Bridge,  Publishing Your Origin Story and Testing Hooks/ Stories. Week 3  Creating the Product, The Funnel and the actual funnel:  that is the Squeeze Page.  Sales Page/ Order Form, OTO Page,  Members Area. Week 4  How to get traffic to your product and generating leads and sales

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What’s included in the One Funnel Away Challenge Download?

one funnel away challenge workbook pdf


  • 30 days of Video Missions from Russel Brunson
  • Coaching with Stefan Larsen and Julie Stoin
  • Behind the scenes 2 Comma Club Interviews
  •  Hardcover book. This is a 550 page book packed with detailed plans from 30 ‘Two Comma Club’ members on how they would start their business over if they lost everything. The book is amazing, and I’ve learned so much from studying it.
  • Spiral bound copy of the One Funnel Away Challenge workbook PDF. You’ll also get a physical workbook that you can use to complement the 30 days of trainings. Inside, you’ll find a checklist of the tasks that you’ll need to complete for each days challenge. There’s also space to brain storm your ideas, and links to the videos for each of the missions.
  • MP3 player. Inside this MP3 player are all the audio recording of both Russell’s daily trainings and recordings of Stephen’s Live coaching calls that he did during the first challenge. What’s nice is it gives you the ability to go through the challenge lessons when you’re at the gym or commuting to work.

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Who Are The Coaches?

Russell Brunson who is the co-founder of Click Funnel. Brunson provides the daily missions to participants of the One Funnel Away Challenge. He is a successful businessman and coach and motivator.
Julie Stoian, aka The Transformer, An entrepreneur and a Two Comma Club Winner herself, her coaching focuses on the “how” bit of the training. Her videos provide a step by step guide on how to put into practice lessons learnt from Russell.
Stephen Larsen coaches the participants daily on LIVE group calls! this is where you get a chance to get your questions answered.
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Bonuses You Will get If you Join the One Funnel Away Challenge With Us

  • Affiliate Marketing Guide
  • Ecom Funnels and Agency Funnels
  • Dot Com Secrets Book
  • E-mail Swipes

one funnel away challenge download


Are there any one funnel away challenge dates? No, Just email support at amzecom1@gmail.com after you get the OFA challenge through our link and we will send you the access to the Bonuses.


Is the one funnel away challenge worth it? Is the One Funnel away channel legit? I have invested in so many courses but the One Funnel Away Challenge was the best training I went through this year. I created 2 courses
in 2 OFA’s . The Facebook Support group and the summit interviews are invaluable. Going through the course teaches you the actual sales process, for any physical product or a digital product or a service business. Wondering what’s the one funnel away challenge price? It’s $100 and is totally worth it.

Don’t forget the Bonuses you will get if you sign up with us.
Hope you liked the detailed review.
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one funnel away challenge price

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