Six Types Of Internet Businesses You Can Start Today

Six Types Of Internet Businesses You Can Start Today


Types of Internet businesses you can start today, The pandemic has struck the source of income out of many people’s hands, and there is only so much many of us can do about it! Earning money on the side can be one viable solution to help you shoulder your expenses, save money for a trip, or start a small emergency fund.

The internet has made it easier than ever for you to make money online from home. Still, there are also more and more scams in the market, and you need to be careful not to be working for such an organization; the best thing you can do is ride solo. This blog is going to be talking about the best six types of internet businesses you can start today.

1.   Social Media Management

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One of the most popular ways through which you can start earning income on the side is by becoming a social media manager. On average, most social media managers make nearly $49,000 per year when working full time as either a salaried individual or as a freelancer. The job itself promises much flexibility, and you can even end up becoming a social media manager for many different companies and organizations, which means that you can double and triple your revenue, all while sitting at home.

While social media management isn’t rocket science and it is something that you can learn on your own. Many organizations and corporations would ask you if you have any relevant courses or specialization, and you can quickly learn through numerous online courses made available to you for free.

Social media managers oversee the various aspects of a business’s social media presence, and these managers also work to create different marketing campaigns, writing posts, and scheduled content. Social media managers also engage with their audience and followers.


2.    Freelance Writing

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If you have a creative mind and are proficient in any language, then you can take advantage of your skills and work on a freelance writing platform. There are numerous writing platforms available like Fiverr, Freelancer, and Upwork that you can register yourself on and start earning.

Some registration platforms are much more complex and technical in nature in their registration process, but the results do pay off because these platforms have clients that pay more relative to other platforms that have easy registration processes.



If you don’t have a lot of freelance writing experience, the start may be slow. You might end up spending much time pitching to other people to avail your services. However, once you’ve been in the industry for a couple of months, you will naturally be able to pick up a lot of trends and practices, and your experience will help you land even more freelancing jobs.

While you can get freelancing jobs through personal recommendations or Facebook groups, the lack of moderation on these platforms attracts many scammers that will avail your services and then not pay you. Therefore the best alternative is to use the services of a good freelancing platform like Fiverr or Upwork.

3.   Graphic Designing

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Graphic designing is an industry that has a lot of growth potential, and on average graphic designers make amounts anywhere from $30,000 to $60,000 per year. If you’re someone that has an aesthetic eye and is also talented, then you can easily earn $100 per hour.



There are many free graphic designing courses that you can take to learn the skill, and there are also some paid certifications on Coursera and Udemy, where you can get official recognition for your skills and certifications. The service is very much in demand, and many people are often actively looking for graphic designers for their marketing campaigns.


4.    Youtube

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If you have a skill or passion that you want to pursue, then YouTube is an excellent platform for you to get recognition. Many individuals have set up their empires on YouTube through their hard work, and the task can be as simple as unboxing gifts or even cutting soap.

There is no end to the ways you could earn by creating videos. But the route to gaining recognition on YouTube is challenging because it requires a lot of commitment and effort on your end. You need to invest a couple of years into the project so that you can generate a large amount of passive income. You can also do paid product reviews on YouTube to earn more money.

The best thing about youtube is that the platform has much versatility, and you can end up doing what you are passionate about.


5.   Get In E-Commerce

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An e-commerce selling business can also be something that requires minimum time and can help you foot some necessary household expenses. You can either create something of your own and sell it like artwork, lamps, food, or you could resell some products available in the market at a slightly higher price by giving the buyers perks like home delivery.


If you’re passionate about clothing, then you can launch your clothesline, or if you’re a foodie at heart, then you can sell food online through Instagram or by registering yourself on food delivery apps. Many people start their home-based cooking and baking businesses, and they can end up charging very high rates if their food does well in the market.


6.   Web Design

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I saved the best option for last. Website design is the highest paying internet business you can start. If you’re tech-savvy, then you can work to design websites for clients. Website design pays well, and people end up earning thousands of dollars from a single order.

You can also take on some online courses to learn how to design and create websites and polish your skills along the way. Most Web designers work in teams and partnerships, and who knows, maybe your small business will grow up into a full-fledged company in this technology-oriented world!


There are numerous ways through which you can earn, and all you will need is a laptop and Wi-Fi access to start. You don’t even need to start an online business out of necessity; you can quite easily create an online business to diversify your streams of income so that you don’t have to ever worry about losing one source of income.

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