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T-shirts are not only an object to wear casually; they also represent our characteristics, desires, and personalities.

Due to this, online T-shirts have become a common alternative, especially for those who want to start a company in an economically-friendly manner. Moreover, the worldwide custom t-shirt industry is estimated to overshadow 10 billion dollars by 2025.

With t-shirts’ growing popularity, you will definitely have tough competition. Even though but you’ll find your own popularity by creating a brand for a particular client demographic and designing t-shirts for your clients.

In this guide, we will walk you step-by-step through starting a clothing business online to earn extra income month after month.

The step-by-step guide to starting an online t-shirt business


1. Pick a niche

If you choose a strong niche, you can reach the right audience without spending a lot of money on advertising.

How To Choose A Killer Niche To Use For Instagram -

When deciding what type of t-shirt business to start, it’s important to choose a niche. Having the ability to stand out is a key component to building a successful “t-shirt” business, and catering to a specific audience is one of the best ways to achieve this.

Usually, categories such as “t-shirts for funny slogan lovers” are too broad to be noticed by highly established industries. You’ll like a bit more to tighten it. A funny t-shirt with slogans relating to doctors or dog lovers, as shown below, is an example of a niche product.

A niche can be sought and analyzed in several ways, but some are available:

  • Visit the subscription numbers and level of interest in your prospective niche.
  • Using the User Analytics tool on Facebook to calculate the scale of your platform niche.
  • For inspiration, check out Wikipedia’s list of popular hobbies.
  • Respect your own values and the society to which you belong – you should trust the gutts at times.

Create a t-shirt marketing campaign while you’re niching, which covers your goals and various methods of selling personalized t-shirts, and learn how to execute your scheme.

2. Source quality fabrics and printing options for tees

Servicing Areas | Entripy

Not all t-shirts are similar, and not all printed work is identical. As we discussed earlier, quality is vital to the success of your company, so it’s crucial to be informed and your shirts cleverly picked.

It may be tempting to compromise quality to raise profit margins, but remember how quality affects the choice of the consumer to share and buy your brand again.

The consistency of a t-shirt requires several influences, including fit, design, material, weight, and softness. An excellent starting point would be to review a summary of T-Shirt Magazine’s most popular blank shirts for printing.

Once you have narrowed your options, it is highly recommended that you order samples so that you can make an informed final decision.

3. Design a unique logo for your t-shirt

         Design Your Own T-Shirt for Free | Adobe Spark

You can get started with your business designs in many ways.

Hunt for popular niches and top sellers.

If you need some ideas or designs for the T-shirt niche, it’s best to look at something popular and widely marketed.

The following is a list of sites for some of the marketplaces for best graphic T-shirts. To discover new designs for nickels or t-shirts you will check the ‘best selling’ and the “most popular” portion of your store.

Also, you might want to search Google Trends to see the topics that people are interested in.

4. Create mock-ups of your shirts

Once the final sketches are done, you can take the next move by taking some mockup photographs so that you can show the clients how the final design looks on a shirt.

Realistic Blank T-shirt Mockups in 2020 | Shirt mockup, Blank t shirts, Tshirt mockup

You can take photos of your old t-shirts in several ways, like photographing the merchandise samples or making a 100% digital mock-up, like the one mentioned below, with the abundance of T-shirt templates available.

Adobe Photoshop T-shirt mockups are the most popular. You will easily preview how the designs appear on a t-shirt. Almost all Photoshop models have a set of layers that allows you to change the color of the shirt and add your own coloring, or combine your own coloring with the folds, plugs, and contours of the shirt.

Several tools are available to help you find the right mockup file for your next project:

If Adobe Photoshop isn’t right for you, you can also use web mock-up software, which you can use to accomplish the same without downloading and installing Photoshop.

For certain tasks, providing Fiverr support is an excellent choice. You can find mockups for t-shirts online.

5. Validation of your designs

Design Validation: How Do You Know if Your Design is Good

Before you put your money into your latest business idea, you should check if there are a market and competition. There are multiple ways that you may be able to sell t-shirts online and validate the demand.

Among the most common and popular ways to verify your concept ideas include:

Personal Social networks

Social Media Personal - Free image on Pixabay

Ensure your contacts and potential customers constantly have your Facebook profile, Facebook niches, Twitter, and other social networks open. Nonetheless, be vigilant when you ask family and friends—their views are usually friendly.


Reddit is bringing promoted posts to its mobile apps - The Verge

Given the general resistance of the internet to marketing even after you launch, Reddit remains one of the best sites to get honest feedback. With innumerable subreddits, a very small niche of prospective buyers is easy to locate and order the creations directly before it is released.


6 Step Guide To Your Own Crowdfunding Platform - CrowdEngine

Crowdfunding Websites make it even clearer that your business idea is tested, validated, and early received. Starting a crowdfunding campaign will take time and a lot of planning is needed. However, the rewards can be immense and the project can be financed when you start. You would like to collect crowdfunding if you have an especially novel business concept for t-shirts (say matching t-shirts for pets and pet owners).

Print on Demand (POD)

How to Start Selling Print-on-Demand Products on Amazon - Payoneer Blog

It was never easier to create a completely functioning online shop in a matter of minutes with E-commerce sites like Shopify (domain name included) to prove the viability of your business idea. Test-drive a print-on-demand service for 14 days and link it to your online store so you can get confirmation.

The following businesses offer various t-shirts on-demand:

6. Starting up your online store

How to Set Up an Online Store? Our 10 Tips on How to Start Your Business in 2020

After you have designed your t-shirt designs and mockups, you can move forward with setting up your store.

Several printing services directly connect with your online store in Shopify and allow you to take orders quickly. Any time you get an order; this service prints and distributes your t-shirts to your customers.

There is no need to buy or keep any stock in advance, so it’s a perfect place to proceed. The best part is that you have the choice to print other items such as mugs and bags with the template.

You will be equipped to sell T-shirts online when your shop is set up.


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