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Groove Funnels Review: Worth It Or Not?

Groove funnels is making big headlines in the world, my review on Groove Funnels.  Many people have started to rapidly switch towards groove funnels simply because of its lifetime deal where you can avail of their services for life by making a small initial down payment, after which the services become free for you.

Groove funnels have everything a business could need and is packed with features. Through this platform, entrepreneurs have access to an all in one forum that has all the apps and tools you would ever need for an online business or the successful selling of your products. Groove Funnels has gone on to become a game-changer, and this game-changer is disrupting the market quite a bit.

In this groove funnels review, you will understand how you can leverage Groove pages, groove sell, groove cart, groove mail, and other groovy tools to help meet your online business needs to the maximum.

Groove Funnels review: Why Should You Invest Now?

For what we know, this could be the opportunity of a lifetime because right now, we get both groove sell and a light version of groove pages for free. Groove funnels is a suite of software applications designed to build sales funnels and also websites developed by groove digital. With groove funnels, you get a landing page builder known as groove pages, a shopping cart that is known as groove sells, and also an email service provider.


A Price Review For GrooveFunnels 

No review is ever complete without a product price analysis. What has made over 75,000 click funnel users shift towards groove funnels? For starters, Groove funnels provide unbeatable prices. While groove funnels might not be free but mike and their team decided to make their robust sales and powerful affiliate programs using groove sell free as well as a lite version.

On the silver plan, the groove funnel costs $99 per month, and it also costs $199/ month on the gold plan as well. You can also make six easy monthly payments of $288 or go for 12 easy monthly payments of $188, after which you will end up owning groove funnels for life and won’t have to pay anything for its features and upgrades.

Currently, there is a lifetime platinum deal that costs $1897 id you pay all at once. The lifetime deals may end up disappearing soon, though, so it’s best to avail them if you can. If you compare it with other different software, then you find that click funnels average at $3564 per year, SamCart averages at $2388 per year, and all the other service providers also average around a similar price range, which means that groove funnels can very well end up to become a steal deal for you.

Groove funnels also work much better than some finished page builders on the market, and it puts out fast loading pages that are fully responsive on mobile. The clean code is also straightforward to navigate, as well. You get access to groove Kart, which is a powerful e-commerce platform that can help you drive sales upwards. There are just so many more features that groove funnel has to offer its audience that it’s a loss if you don’t hop on board.

Groove Funnels review, What Is So Great About Groove Funnels In The First Place?

Groove funnels are excellent for the performance of your main site as most of its loading is done away from it, and the whole platform is much easier and convenient to use than other software tools. Where you might have to invest in multiple different software and paid apps to perform a single function, and all that can quickly get confusing and overwhelming, groove funnels provides a single and consolidated platform from where you can get most of your business dealings done relatively quickly and all from one single space.

You can build your website, sell your products, conduct your webinars, stretch your experience by utilizing both affiliate marketing and integrations. This means that you now need just one umbrella to battle with everything that a small business or team has to deal with.

Another great thing that groove funnel provides its audience with is the incredible, unbeatable affordability compared to other service providers. Groove funnels are far better and cost-effective as compared to click funnels, activie campaign, Katra, everwebinar to calculate the actual value of groove funnels pro membership and also their platinum plan.

Groove cart is one of the suites of apps that also competes with Shopify. The groove funnels is like a buffet that has opportunities for everyone and is also equipped with the best and the most affordable tools for anyone to run their business. The best thing is that you will not be charged to sell your products. Instead, you will pay a simple fee only for taking payments. Other than that, you will have no additional costs. You can end up selling digital and not physical products like training and coaches, PDFs, or ebooks. It allows you to create your own upsells and also allows you to create your downfalls, which will be the same as adding in your checkout pages.

GrooveFunnels review

Groove Funnels Tools In Practice

No review is ever complete without a detailed breakdown of all the tools and what each tool does. While all the features are yet to be launched, the entire platform is still impressive and very revolutionary. The funnel builder has a pick and choose feature with the best applications for your business. Below, I’m going to review each of these platform features so that you get a clear idea of what I am talking about.

Groove Sell

Groove sell is a sales platform where you can choose to sell multiple products and services. You can use groove sell to sell coaching classes, training products,  PDFs, and even Ebooks. Groove sell also offers an affiliate version of its products as well, where affiliates can also work to promote the products you have on offer.

Groove sell is thus a replacement option for Clickbank, Payclickstart, and numerous similar other service providers.

GrooveFunnels review

Groove Pages

Groove pages include many things that you would need to start your website page. It consists of things like a landing page, a funnel builder, and even a website. Groove pages is also another consolidated space where you can design and create all the things you would need for your business from scratch using robust software written in Javascript.

With Groove pages, you can end up boosting your SEO big time, and you can also develop free hosting services, or you could also make use of groove pages amazon hosting servers. If you publish your website on HTML, then you will also be able to enjoy a fast website loading time, which will increase customer retention.

Groove Affiliate

If you’re looking for a platform that offers affiliate links, then you’re at the right place with groove. Similar to JvZoo, ClickBank, PayKickStart, and WarriorPlus, the platform provides advanced affiliate management where other affiliates can quite easily promote your products. You also get a proper portal through which you can check their commissions, clicks and likes, amounts, and even their refunds.

Groove affiliate is an easy to navigate platform, and the platform is also one that is easy to use as well. You can use the power of affiliates to sell and also to promote your products online. The dashboard for this is also very similar to the dashboard of groove pages. The visuals for both are the same, which helps the users to familiarize themselves with the platform with particular ease, and it also allows them to carry out most functions as they would otherwise normally do.

GrooveFunnels review

Groove Funnels review: Complementary Products

Groove Funnel comes with a couple of complementary products that are themselves top of the line. I’ve talked about those down below.

Groove Mail

Groove Mail is an innovative top of the line email marketing solution that is available for absolutely free! It is something like an email autoresponder like MailChimp, and Get a response where emails come in with a template that you can use. There are also many different tagging and behavioral-based email marketing techniques that you could make use of.

You also get voice blasting features, which means that visitors get a voice blast while being on that specific page. No matter what plan you take with groove mail, you get to mail 25,000 contacts for free! The feature is still in beta testing mode, though, and is yet to be released to the public.

Groove Video

Another fantastic feature that is available for free is the groove video feature. The video feature comes with its own set of analytics, own set of split test videos, maneuver the player’s controls, and the player’s skins and also work on modifying the thumbnails.

Groove video is designed as a video hosting app, and it is intended to integrate with all the other tools where you can also do tagging and also see whoever is engaged further within your funnel. The video feature has been out and is running full throttle since August 2020.

Groove Calendar

If you’re someone like me, that struggles with keeping track of all their appointments and deadlines. Then the groove is working towards making something extraordinary for you to happen. Groove is creating a calendar to set up all your meetings and appointments in one place, and the calendar can keep track of your coaching sessions, booked slots, and can even keep a record of all your consultations.

The way this calendar will work is that it will integrate itself with all your other platforms, which means that you can end up setting up automatic emails to come in. You can also get reminders and follow up sequences for your events.

Groove Blog

If you’re a writer, then you’re going to love what groove is about to launch soon. Groove blog is a powerhouse that aims to provide its users with unparalleled SEO service, and the blog is scheduled to launch at the end of 2020.

There are claims that the blog will be so feature-rich that it will want you to ditch WordPress entirely and move towards making blogs on the groove.

Groove Survey/ Groove Quiz

The groove survey and groove quiz are two features that are integrated with the groove lifetime package. The platforms allow you to make unlimited surveys and quizzes for your landing pages, your websites, and even for your funnels. Surveys and quizzes help snowball your mailing lists, and that’s why they are so infinitely important for all businesses.

Groove Kart

If you’re someone that wants to expand your business opportunities and sell more than just digital products, then you can make use of Groove Kart, where Groove Kart is now Shopify’s alternative and provides you with a marketplace where you can sell your products.

The online sales platforms come with commendable features of its own complete with features like retargeting, analytics, bumps and timers, social proof, and even funnels. But this feature isn’t available for everyone. You can avail these features by purchasing the groove funnel platinum lifetime program.

You do have some time to consider this development as the feature is still under development, and it is planned to be rolled out soon. You can also get groove pages for Shopify, where You can get groove pages explicitly made for Shopify’s platforms, and these will sell in the Shopify’s app for $49 per month.

With all this at such a small price, it is not hard to understand why so many people are actively switching to this platform. Groove funnel is innovative, phenomenal, and also affordable, which makes it a highly desired medium for everyone and anyone. If you’re still in doubt about whether or not you should make the purchase, then you should visit their site to learn more about what they’re bringing to the table!

GrooveFunnels reviewGroove Funnels review

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