50 Affiliate Marketing Programs You Can Start Today!

Affiliate marketing is a multi-billionaire business that is only expected to grow over the years. The very idea of affiliate marketing is rewarding an external person for every customer brought by the affiliate marketer’s efforts. The affiliate marketer has to increase the traffic on the link provided and thereby earns a small commission.

It may sound like a daunting and unpredictable living, but it is not that difficult; or unpredictable for that matter. Affiliate marketing programs allow you to earn money even while sleeping! Consider this, you have posted a link that someone taps at 4 a.m., you could be soundly sleeping and still earn the agreed commission.

If you are interested in affiliate marketing but not quite sure how to start, here are 50 affiliate marketing programs that you can start today!

  1. Constant Contact Affiliate Program. The powerful email-marketing platform allows you unlimited commissions and tons of opportunities.
  2. Media Net Affiliate Marketing Program. It has the most significant number of advertisers, and they offer a 10% commission on their ambassador program.
  3. Shopify Affiliate Marketing Program. The popular e-commerce platform allows you a very handsome commission on each referral.
  4. Create a Blog and monetize it with affiliate links
  5. Start a YouTube Channel and post affiliate links relevant to your content.
  6. Create a Facebook Group dedicated to affiliate marketing. However, make sure that the affiliate marketing links are relevant to the purpose and audience of your group. You cannot be posting links for cars in a group called “Learn to do makeup”
  7. Create your Page on Facebook. The good thing about Facebook pages is that they are public; anyone can view the content on your page.
  8. Facebook Advertising. The popular social media hub has over 2.7 billion monthly users and plenty of tools for advertising.
  9. Start a Reviewing Site. Plenty of makeup entrepreneurs started with a review site and ended up creating multi-millionaire companies. The power of affiliate links must not be underestimated.
  10. Create a Coupon Site. It is no secret that people love coupons. The links posted in the coupon sites subsequently are accessed by a large number of people.
  11. Email Marketing. This might sound old-fashioned, but plenty of people prefer receiving relevant emails. Although this might get a little difficult to manage with a large group of people, it is still effective with niche clients.
  12. Hubspot Affiliate Marketing Programs. It offers up to $1000 per product purchased. Of course, not every product will pay that high an amount, but you may still earn a decent commission upon each referral.
  13. FATJOE is one of the leading link-building platforms out there. It allows you to earn a 10% commission upon each sale. Notice that the keyword here is a sale, not a referral.
  14. AWeber is the most popular choice for an autoresponder for hundreds, if not thousands of businesses. There are different affiliate programs available according to your preference.
  15. Ezoic Referral Program is used by 10,000+ publishers worldwide. With over 3% commission on each sale, you could earn a decent amount per year.
  16. Sendinblue is a digital marketing platform that tailors to the need for both bloggers and agencies. The pricing plans are affordable and allow you to earn up to 100 euros per subscription.
  17. Thrive Themes is one of the WordPress tools. You can earn as much as 35% on each sale of Thrive Themes.
  18. ConvertKit is another addition to the email marketing world. The affiliate marketing programs allow a 30% commission upon each referral.
  19. ShareASale is another popular affiliate marketing network. With merchants from various categories, there are many payment options available.
  20. ThirstyAffiliates aids in revenue generation for bloggers. The commission is quite generous too; you can earn up to 30% commission on each sale you refer.
  21. GetResponse allows you a variety of affiliate programs to choose from. With a 33% recurring commission, it is an ideal place for affiliate marketers.
  22. Skimlinks is one of the easiest affiliate services. The automated tools allow you to convert regular links to affiliated links with the utmost ease.
  23. Flex Offers is one of the top 10 networks for generating revenue via affiliate marketing. There are approximately 12,000 programs for you to choose from.
  24. SEMRush is another bundle of tools for a digital marketer. Each referral could amount to as much as $160.
  25. SiteGround offers one of the most affordable web hosting services. They have a spectacular affiliate marketing program that translates to $100 each month for more than 21 sales.
  26. Teachable, the digital course hub has an extensive affiliate marketing program that you can start from today. Head over to their website to find out more.
  27. Unbounce, a landing page platform also offers an attractive affiliate program. With a 20% commission on each referral, this is another favorable program that may start.
  28. Grammarly is a digital writing tool. It helps you improve the quality of your writing. The tool is widely used globally and offers up to $20 per each purchase of their premium plan. The program also offers bonuses for top affiliate marketers.
  29. Collect. Chat is employed by 10,000 websites to create chatbots. They offer a recurring commission of up to 30% per month. It also offers bonuses and rewards for good performance.
  30. PicMonkey, a photo-editing platform offers a very handsome commission. It is open for international affiliate marketers as well.
  31. iTunes affiliate program is ideal for anyone interested in music. The program pays a neat commission on each referral. In addition to this, iTunes is already a prominent name in the market. Consequently, it becomes much easier to convince people.
  32. OneDrone: If you tend to favor affiliated marketing with tech niches, this is the program for you. The organization pays 3% of its sales upon each referral.
  33. Coursera is among the most popular programs when it comes to online courses. It offers a wide variety of courses from leading international universities, such as Harvard. The affiliate marketing program, which runs on Linkshare offers up to 45% commission on courses taken up on your referrals.
  34. DreamHost Affiliate Program also offers generous opportunities for affiliate marketers who have only just begun. The web hosting service pays up to $120 on each sign up through you.
  35. BigCommerce, the online store is operational in over 150 countries. The organization offers a very attractive affiliate marketing program. You can earn up to 200% commission on each payment made by the customers you refer.
  36. Amazon Associates: who hasn’t heard of this multi-billionaire, e-commerce giant. It allows you to sign up as Amazon Associates and earn a small part of the sales on each product sold. It could very well be a book or a new phone. The endless variety means that there are plenty of opportunities for you to operate in every niche.
  37. Volusion is another e-commerce platform that offers commission as well as rewards on referral sales. The affiliates can get up to 200% of the first payment made by their referred customer.
  38. Font Bundles, like it, suggests from its name is a bundle of font choices. The organization offers a wide variety of free and paid fonts. The affiliates may earn up to 25% commission on the sales.
  39. AliExpress Affiliate program allows you to be a part of this Chinese e-commerce giant. With over 130,000 sellers, AliExpress offers up to 50% commission on some products.
  40. Kinsta is one of the leading WordPress hosting platforms. If you want to operate within this niche, Kinsta is probably the best place to start. You can earn up to $500 per referral or a 10% recurring commission.
  41. Clickbank is the hub of a wide variety of products. All you have to do is sign up and promote any of the products from the vast range. The digital products, however, a much higher commission than other products. So, you might want to look into that.
  42. Flywheel, another WordPress hosting service, offers a lucrative affiliate marketing program for beginners. You can earn up to $500 in commission. It is also worth noting that there is no minimum threshold to receive your payment.
  43. GlobalWide Media is very selective when it comes to their affiliate marketing program. It might be a little tough getting in at first. However, once in, it offers tremendous benefits to its affiliates.
  44. Wix is a remarkable tool if you want to create your website. It has an affiliate marketing program that allows you to earn an attractive commission.
  45. MaxBounty: if you want a more flexible affiliate marketing program, MaxBouty could be the one for you. The organization prides itself on the variety of affiliate programs it offers.
  46. Booking.com: if traveling is your relevant category, this is one of the leading booking sites in the world. You can earn a commission on each booking as an affiliate. In addition to this, their team is quite cooperative and ready to assist you in your efforts.
  47. Sandals Resorts is a widely known resort in the Caribbean. With luxurious abodes for couples, this is an ideal vacation spot. Their affiliate program pays 4% on all bookings made through your referral.
  48. RevenueWire, an e-commerce platform yet again, offers lucrative rewards for their affiliates. As of recent, the organization has processed over a billion dollars in sales. It seems to suggest that there are plenty of opportunities for you to earn from the commissions.
  49. Kabbage is the liaison between small businesses and investors who want to fund small businesses. The organization offers $250 for each referred customer that gets approved. Moreover, there is no maximum or a minimum number of referrals.
  50. TripAdvisor is another company for bookings and travel information. The organization offers up to 50% commission, along with incentives to its affiliates. The TripAdvisor team is also very cooperative and ready to assist you whenever possible.


Hopefully, you could find an affiliate program that matches your tastes. The programs belong to different categories ranging from e-commerce to travel. Consequently, it would be quite easy for you to get started.

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