10 Great Stay at Home Jobs for Moms and Dads

In current times, a single earning is not enough to pay for all the household needs and saving up for further. It is getting harder and harder each day for parents to provide for their kids and be able to save up enough for future like a good college education.

Usually, at an age where your kids are younger and unable to look after themselves, moms or dads end up perplexed and tensed, when they try to manage work and home. It is such a difficult period and extremely exhausting, then having some free time for yourself just becomes a dream. So, why not look for a solution that? The solution to this is quite simple, grab a PC and get working. Yes! It is actually that simple.

Some interesting stay at home job for parents

A stay at home job lets you have flexible hours, so that you are not left tensed and exhausted. It allows you to have a control over what amount of work you can take at a time, like a project. And, if you find it suitable with your schedule and skills you can go for it. This way, you have enough time for your kids and can grab some time to treat yourself as well. Additionally, you are also able to pay all the bills and save enough for major life events.

To get the best stay at home job we have compiled a list of ten great stay at home jobs for both moms and dads:

1. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant is a person whose job is to provide professional help to individual or any company. This is great stay at home job, where you have to handle emails, schedule meetings, organize calendars, plant events, basically provide assistance with administrative work. It also is known to pay well on average. You have the liberty to shuffle from part-time to full-time or otherwise, however you find feasible.

Virtual assistant – A fairly good stay-at-home job

2. Teacher/Tutor

Parents usually have had experience with some sort of teaching and tutoring their own kids. They help their children learn and understand different subjects and courses. So, they naturally learn how to teach children.

Tutoring is a great stay at home job with work hours’ flexibility. You usually get paid per hour for teaching online. It can be an excellent way to earn while at home, doing something you have already had plenty experience with.

Teaching and tutoring online makes you learn a few things yourself

3. Fitness Instructor

Its always important to stay healthy and fit. Many parents spend time almost daily, working out to stay in shape. This can be an amazing way to keep yourself fit while helping others and getting paid for it.

It is essential for all instructors to have some form of certification. With the help of some research, you can learn necessary steps for it and begin doing something you love.

Fitness helps both the body and the mind

4. Entrepreneur

There is a versatile range of small at-home businesses that parents can run, which only require small investments. Owning your business also allows you to shuffle your work hours. It is great way to begin with independent earning.

Some of the at-home entrepreneurship ideas can be professional organizing, party planning, baking, creating gift baskets, online store, blogging and many more.

Entrepreneurships lets you be your own boss

5. Writer

There are many websites and pages that have thousands of publications regarding parenting and parenthood. Being a parent, you definitely come to know a few things about parenthood i.e. all the tips and tricks. You can your experience and contribute to these sites and publications. It is one of the best ideas, if not perfect, for stay at home job for parents. Why not use your storytelling skills to cash in?

Writing can even work as stress therapy

6. Freelancer

Freelancing is a field with a versatile range of projects and jobs. You can write, edit, translate, design, numerous possibilities are at the table for your choosing.

As a parent, it becomes quite hard to manage a full-time job, with freelancing you can work project by project and earn. Additionally, you can give all the necessary attention to your kids, while being able to earn well.

Freelancing – A great opportunity for flexible working

7. Customer Service Representative

It is a quite good work-from-home opportunity for parents. They have to attend calls, assist customers, provide response to their queries and perform different administrative tasks. It does require a quiet environment where you can calmly deal with customers, but you can always choose your hours when your kids are asleep. You need good communication skills for it, but it pays off well.

Get paid for helping people is always a great way to earn

8. Social Media Specialist

A number of parents are already familiar with social media platforms, where they post about their children’s success. They are following their favorite influencers, musicians and brands. Moms are usually more active in these things, but dads are not that behind either.

Being already familiar with social networking, you can easily assist a company with their social media page, help gain followers and grow their communities, and get paid for it.

Social media networking is quite interesting to work with

9. Marketing Specialist

If you already have some experience with marketing, this can be a splendid work-from-home opportunity for you. It has a wide range of positions to choose from including SEO specialist, content strategist, marketing coordinator and many more.

In this field, you can be assigned to do product promotion or branding service and outreach.

Promote businesses with marketing skills

10. Graphic Designer

Graphic and digital designers can easily find outstanding jobs, which offer flexible hours a day work. It can be one of the great at-home job opportunities. You can tune in to your creativity and design flyers, logos, ads, posters and other online visual materials for the company website and get paid. You will have plenty of time for your children and be able to earn as well.

Graphic designing – a profession where you can channel your inner creativity
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